Karl Reinhard Aigner (2011)

Regionale Chemotherapie, Leitlinien und evidenzbasierte Medizin. Wo ist der Beweis?[mehr]

Karl Reinhard Aigner and Frederick O. Stephens (2012)

Guidelines and Evidence-Based Medicine - Evidence of What?[mehr]

Karl Reinhard Aigner, Sabine Gailhofer, and Gur Ben-Ari (2011)

Systemic and Regional Chemotherapy for Advanced and Metastasized Pancreatic Cancer[mehr]

Karl Reinhard Aigner and Sabine Gailhofer (2011)

Regional Chemotherapy for Recurrent Platin Refractory Ovarian Cancer[mehr]

Karl Reinhard Aigner and Emir Selak (2011)

Isolated Thoracic Perfusion with Chemofiltration (ITP-F) for Advanced and Pre-treated Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer[mehr]

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