Patient Services

For us it is completely natural to carefully attend to the needs of our patients and their families. This commitment goes far beyond medical care, as our wish is for you to become completely healthy.

1. Counselling/Providing Information

Before we admit you to the hospital or to our outpatient clinic, we will inform you thoroughly about your illness. And we will speak with you in detail about all of the therapies we are considering in order to improve your health and increase your quality of life.
During your treatment cycles, we will remain available to speak to you, to provide information about your progress, about additional medications and to offer you comprehensive psychological counselling.

2. Treatment by Plan

Malignant illnesses are treated in cycles. Each tumour responds differently to treatment. Based upon a precise plan, we will determine how your personal therapy will be designed and will always adapt this plan to the actual course of your illness.

3. Medical Care

At our facility, you will have access to optimal medical care. For over 30 years we have been working on the continuous improvement of regional chemotherapy and auxiliary therapies – for the sake of your health and quality of life.

4. Accommodation

At our hospital we offer you modern, comfortable single and double rooms. All of the rooms are equipped with telephone, WLAN connections and television. Modern exceptionally comfortable bathrooms round off the amenities. Of course, we are glad to accommodate your family members as well.

5. Shuttle Service

We will pick you up at the railway station, airport or your home, and at the time you are discharged, our shuttle service will bring you back to the train, flight or directly home.

6. Leisure Time

Burghausen is an idyllic city, and we would be glad to help organize excursions for you. Travel connections to Austria are excellent, for example, to Salzburg.

7. Communication

Of course, an Internet connection, our own WLAN network and telephone services are integral parts of your accommodation.

8. Translation

Naturally, we are also set up to meet the needs of international patients. Our medical team speaks several foreign languages and in addition, we can provide you with an international foreign language translation service.